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On average we purchase 250-265 (100 lb) bales of hay for delivery to feed our family of rescue equines, at an average cost of $3500 every few weeks.

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Circle of Life

Chief Daniel's Circle of Life

Chief Daniel "Eagle Warrior" Ramos, Ambassador to Saving America's Horses

Pledge to give in your own special way - Contact Chief Daniel today join the circle

 Through monthly giving, Circle of Life relatives help assure quality care and habitats for the neediest animals served through WFLF. With the monthly support of Circle of Life supporters, these rescue animals will continue to receive quality food, medical care, safe harbor, and the loving hands-on attention they need.

Monthly giving is the easiest way to support the lifesaving mission of Wild For Life Foundation. Your monthly gift provides a consistent, reliable income stream that allows us to tackle whatever case may come through our doors. From serious trauma, starvation, or other physical or emotional, or painful debilitating conditions, Circle of Life members help assure that these vulnerable victimized equines will never be at risk of mistreatment, roundup or slaughter again!

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Join Chief Daniel's Circle of Life with a pledge to give monthly or a pledge to assist/ give in your own special way - Circle of Life members play an invaluable role in the continuum of care for these animal beings.

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Now in our 10th year, the Wild For Life Foundation has oftentimes been the first or the only place where injured, orphaned and homeless equines could find safe refuge. We provide rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary services for at risk wild and domestic equines in need.


Greetings dear friends and Chief Daniel Ramos, Spiritual Leaderrelatives,

I invite you to join and connect in this Circle of Life - in support of this very special cause. I am bringing forth this Circle of Life - a devoted circle of caring compassionate two-legged relatives who are coming together and have come together in spirit and in body.

Our sacred native four-legged relatives are facing critical challenges and we need to help them today.

Their lives have been saved by the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF), a charity devoted to serving these sacred relatives. WFLF is in its 10th year and has a solid track record of accomplishments - has helped 1000's of horses and successfully saved 100's of lives. However the charity needs to find a permanent home where they are able to carry on this important loving and life-giving mission in perpetuity, free from unfriendly energy sources.

Circle of Life members are needed to help WFLF assure that these vulnerable victimized equines will never be at risk of mistreatment, roundup or slaughter again!

- Chief Daniel "Eagle Warrior" Ramos, Chief Spiritual Leader, Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation

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We invite you to take part in our Circle of Life Giving Fund - A loving fund created through compassionate monthly giving.

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"The heart only knows one truth - that's love, the fire of life, and the time has come to act in the moment of now" - Chief Daniel

Chief Danny and Mario

Welcome the spirit of the Horse into Your Heart


If you have a farm, ranch, land, barn/ house in need of purpose, there are rescue animals in need of sanctuary and land to roam and graze. You can make a difference.

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Lifesaving Mission


Or make your Circle of Life gift on an annual basis

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WFLF currently provides care and housing for approximately 45 rescue wild and domestic horses and burros. Incoming refugees include wild equines who’ve been victimized by government sanctioned roundups, stockpiled in holding or slated for barbaric slaughter. We also care for a variety of victimized domestic horses that each have their own special story.

At WFLF rescue is just the beginning of a long, dedicated endeavor to provide the best quality of life for these captured, exploited and mistreated victims. Their full recovery requires a long term commitment by our charity with constant expert care, and a loving community of support for this important cause.

Ways to help:

Volunteer your time with the horses

Help from home through email or phone

Make a loving monetary gift


Become a Circle of Life Member with one gift of $10


One Truth - Love


Make a loving donation in any amount

join the circle


Lifesaving Mission


Wild for Life Foundation is an all volunteer 501 c3 charity that relies 100% on donations is working around the clock to assure the forever safe harbor for these and other wild and domestic equines. Funds are currently being raised to support these efforts. Please consider making a meaningful donation today. 100% of the funds received go directly to the aid of the imperiled horses we serve.

 WFLF relies 100% on donations. Our work is only made possible with the generous help from our loving community of supporters. We thank you for your commitment to our mission to save, protect and preserve these sacred four-legged relatives of the horse nation. Contributions to the Wild for Life Foundation and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Federal ID No. 26-3052458

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