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Served through our Lifesaving Mission


We provide lifesaving medical care, food, shelter and a 2nd chance at life for rescued wild and domestic equines coming in from across the US. We rescue abused, neglected and at risk equines of all breeds, ages and disabilities, and assure their life-long safety, peace and health.


We rehabilitate and provide training for rescue horses in need. Through enrichment, rehabiltation and training activities and exercises we enhance and increase the successful transition and placement of abused, neglected and injured equines who've been rescued from life threatening situations. We work to elevate responsible equine guardianship through compassionate mentoring and strive to provide learning experiences that advance natural partnerships between horses and people.


Katia and RosebudWe provide sanctuary and retirement services for rescued equines of every breed and discipline. Many of these equines were saved from abuse, neglect and life threatening danger, including seizure cases by law enforcement. WFLF's Sanctuary and Retirement Program serves senior equines who have been discarded into the slaughter pipeline, equines of most any ages who have been permanently disabled, and equines who have been so severely traumatized that they need to live out the remainder of their lives in sanctuary. These rescued equines are given an opportunity to fully heal through WFLF's enrichment / recovery program and they are assured forever safe harbor for the remainder of their lives.


Wild Burro Sanctuary Rescued wild equines are given an opportunity to heal and thrive in natural habitat sanctuary settings at WFLF's rescue and recovery facilities. Fundamental to the core of WFLF’s equine sanctuary program is our commitment to assure forever safe harbor for each and every animal that comes through our doors.



Saving America's Horses is the primary educational program and initative under WFLF. WFLF’s Saving America’s Horses Initiative and its ‘Give Horses Hope’ campaign is dedicated to wild horse preservation and the prevention of equine cruelty through elevating lifesaving stewardship and the healing hearts of horses. The lifesaving program brings crucial aid to horses and burros in need, and strives to inspire the public to take a more active role in protecting and caring for wild and domestic horses. Through humane education, the program delivers a broad and balanced reflection of compelling prevention, conservation and preservation ethics—ways that illuminate how letting go of the old can lead to paths of healing and harmonious coexistence. Wild for Life Foundation's educational award winning film "Saving America's Horses" awakens the moral fabric of humanity. This 90 minute feature documentary released to theaters and soon to be on DVD is a powerful platform with a dynamic reach to horse lovers worldwide. "Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed" is an educational documentary film project under WFLF's Humanion Films, created as an social action tool for people who want to engage. Humanion Films is the educational audio visual documentation and multi-media program under WFLF. Humanion Films' mission is to elevate conscience, inspire compassion and integrate culture and the arts with humane values through the creation of educational media. Humanion Films serves to promote and inspire a richer bond between people, animals and nature, and to nurture a lasting impact on society toward breaking the cycle of animal cruelty by cultivating action and inspiring social change. Promoting wild horse preservation initiatives – the prevention of equine cruelty – and to support the return of horse and burro populations to the wild and provide lifelong sanctuary for equines in need. SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is a central tool in a larger grassroots effort focused on saving this indigenous species for the greater good, and supporting the wildlife and natural ecosystems that depend on them now and for generations to come.


Lifesaving campaign to expand protection for equines threatened due to malicious acts of harm. This fund speaks to the battle for the very existence of animal welfare and humanitarian rights of our community as a people to save and protect them. Tax deductible contributions will be used to seek judicial relief through this urgent, precedent-setting legal battle and to support the ongoing lifesaving protective work for animals that WFLF and its Saving America's Horses program conducts every day of the year. Tax deductible contributions to this legal protection fund would allow WFLF and its Saving America’s Horses Initiative to aid America's horses and burros through needed protection.


WFLF seeks acquisition of natural open space land held in perpetuity for the preservation of threatened animals in need. The acquisition of this land will allow protection for a greater number of at risk animals who have no where else to go. It will serve as a safe harbor home in perpetuity for these animals for generations to come.


WFLF’s Wild Equine Indigenous Heritage and Conservation Program is dedicated to the preservation and protection of America’s historic and rare wild horses and burros. It offers positive alternatives which protect and preserve America’s wild horses and burros.


Back to the Wild is a program under WFLF’s Wild Equine Indigenous Heritage and Conservation Program strives to preserve and protect one of America’s most iconic species, equines, before they become extinct in the wild. This program strives to raise awareness as to how the restoration of this important species can in truth, reverse the degradation of America's open rangelands. The program accomplishes these goals by 1) protecting and preserving wild equines in the wild, 2) saving imperiled, victimized, threatened, homeless and slaughter bound wild horses and burros and providing them with safe sanctuary protection 3) promoting the rejuvenation of ecosystems and wildlife through the re-introduction of wild equines to their legal open range-lands in the U.S., and 4) providing the public with education and elevated appreciation for the continued protection and preservation of America's wild equines. Through this program we strive to find harmony with animals and nature amongst the competing interests of agriculture, industry, energy, recreation and urban sprawl.



Lifetime Equine Refuge is WFLF's primary equine rescue and sanctuary program providing medical care, food, shelter and a 2nd chance at life for rescued wild and domestic equines coming in from across the US. We rescue abused, neglected and at risk equines of all breeds, ages and disabilities, and assure their forever safety, peace and health. We rehabilitate and re-train at risk horses in need of transition due to injury and other potentially life threatening situations, and facilitate appropriate transition to new homes. We work to elevate responsible equine guardianship through compassionate mentoring and strive to provide learning experiences that advance natural partnerships between horses and people.


OPERATION OTTB is our Thoroughbred rescue and sanctuary program for at risk Thoroughbreds that were bred and raised for racing. We save, rehabilitate and re-train off track Thoroughbred racehorses for a second chance at life. We provide for their ongoing care through sanctuary and facilitate appropriate transition and new forever homes through our adoption and foster care programs.


Healing Hearts is an important component to Wild For Life Foundation's vision in community enrichment programming. Through the healing hearts of horses we strive to provide community equine wellness enrichment learning and healing.


WFLF has been at the forefront of efforts in the fight against the organized inhumane exploitation of canines including shelter cruelty, breed discrimination, vivisection, their use as food and fiber, and the inadequate standards of protection for the canine population as a whole. We offer lifesaving rescue and a second chance at life to homeless, distressed and displaced canines through rescue, education and sanctuary. We provide veterinary medical care, nourishing food, and housing, as well as rehabilitation and training for victimized canines as they recover and prepare for placement through adoption and therapy. We provide educational materials and canine assist services through community enrichment projects for youth and adults that advance quality care and compassion for companion animals.

Make a lifesaving donation in any amount

Thank you for supporting our lifesaving mission

Wild For Life Foundation's services and objectives are made possible through donations to our lifesaving mission. For Wild For Life Foundation, the ability to respond quickly to medical animal emergencies is crucial to saving more lives. Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate our resources most efficiently and where the needs are greatest.

If you do wish to restrict your gift, please contact us by email at donations@wildforlifefoundation.org to find out if there is a specific project accepting earmarked support.




Volunteer Staff Review:

Last November, I had the pleasure of working in the trenches with Katia Louise at the 
EQUUS Film Festival NYC. Prior to that, for the last several years, I’ve been a member of her organization – Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF). Anyone interested in equines will know her name, but for the uninformed, Katia wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning documentary: “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed”. 

Katia is a woman on a mission: driven, intelligent, articulate, resourceful, focused, passionate, and gracious. She worked tirelessly around the clock, doing the work of three people, and multi-tasking with a whirlwind of energy that was both inspiring and empowering. And through it all, didn’t once complain about a fractured ankle, which occurred a week before the festival! 

As the movie title implies, this powerful film exposes the brutal reality of the racing industry, where young, healthy horses end up in Mexico and Canada through a black market pipeline destined for slaughter. 

And if things couldn’t get sleazier and more corrupt, enter the BLM (Bureau of Land Management – agency of the U.S. Government). Ironically, the BLM paints a misleading picture to protect wild equines, but does the complete opposite. Through fraudulent claims and seething deception, their primary agenda is to remove and exterminate 45,000 horses and burrows for the sole purpose of creating additional land for livestock (cattle) grazing. 

I’ve never been to Katia’s equine sanctuary in California, but that’s going to change real soon! Unlike many other non-profits where key executives get rich, Wild For Life Foundation is an organization run with integrity and transparency. 

I’m proud and honored to be affiliated with Katia Louise, and will continue as a team member until America’s horses (and burrows) are safe, protected, and out of harm’s way. - Jibiki ( greatnonprofits.org )

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