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The Wild For Life Foundation's Board of Directors is dediciated to providing leadership with passion and integrity. The Foundation's Board is balanced to ensure operational efficiency and keep the Foundation’s greatest focus on animal rescue and welfare. To date the board’s size and composition has proven effective to deliver on Wild For Life Foundation’s mission, while maintaining solid financial standing. The board convenes 2-4 times a year, but less-formal board meetings take place multiple times a year on an as needed basis.


Katia LouiseKatia Louise, Founder, President and Volunteer Executive Director of the Wild for Life Foundation, is a lifelong horsewoman and the international award winning filmmaker of SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES: A NATION BETRAYED. Ms Louise's research, documentaries and publications have raised the bar for animal protection in the U.S. and elevated awareness and compassion globally. Katia Louise oversees the operations of WFLF’s Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Programs, as well as the strategic plan of the Wild For Life Foundation.
Jay CoskieJay Coskie, Vice President and Founding Director on the Board of Directors for the Wild For Life Foundation. Ms Coskie is lifelong champion for the welfare of animals, a small animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Professional specializing in Canine rescue and rehabilitation. Jay's professional background also includes large animal rescue with a focus on equines. She is an avid nature and animal photographer who combines her professional skills and experience in marketing and event planning as part of her voluntary services for WFLF. Ms Coskie additionally serves as Secretary, and as Chairman on the Board of Directors in Development and Outreach for the Wild For Life Foundation and its Saving America's Horses Initiative.

Jeanne SullivanJeanne Sullivan is on the Board of Directors and serves as the CFO for the Wild for Life Foundation. Ms Sullivan additionally serves WFLF's mission through her longtime and devoted work in WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge and Recovery programs, and longtime volunteer Field specialist in WFLF's emergency animal/ equine rescue program. Lifelong horsewoman, Ms Sullivan is recognized for her loyalty and commitment to the Foundation and community animal advocacy issues. Jeanne also serves WFLF Canine Rescue Division and is an Accredited Coordinator for WFLF's Safe Haven Foster Program.

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Board of Directors

Role of the WFLF Board of Directors
The chief objective for WFLF's Board is to be effective in the provision of a support for the mission of WFLF as well as support for WFLF's framework of policies so that management, staff, and volunteers can focus upon the day-to-day tasks of making WFLF’s mission a reality.

The three main responsibilities that WFLF's Board of Directors are required to be accountable for are, 1) the duty of care which requires sound and informed judgments in decision-making roles, 2) the duty of loyalty: which required that the interests of WFLF must avoid conflicts of interest and be placed before any personal or professional concerns and, 3) the duty of obedience which requires that WFLF remains committed to its established mission, while ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

As consistent with best practices of nonprofit governance, WFLF achieves a balance in leadership through an active Board of Directors and dedicated staff who are led by its Executive Director. WFLF’s Board of Directors in turn provides oversight and guidance to the Executive Director. WFLF’s Board ensures that WFLF stays aligned with its mission and values in addition to complying with all federal and state laws.

Board of Directors Code
The WFLF Board expects of itself and its members ethical and business-like conduct. This commitment includes proper use of authority and appropriate decorum in group and individual behavior when acting as Board members. Board members vow to understand, respect, support and uphold the mission, vision, bylaws, goals, philosophies, objectives, policies, services and programs of the WILD FOR LIFE FOUNDATION (WFLF) and the laws and regulations under which it is founded. Board members must exercise the duties and responsibilities of their positions with integrity, collegiality, and care. They must also represent WFLF with unconflicted loyalty and this accountability supersedes any conflicting loyalty such as that to their own personal or professional interests, or interest groups or membership on other Boards or staffs. Further Board member policies are set forth in WFLF Bylaws and Policies.


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