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OUR FOUNDER, Katia Louise
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A message from our founder ~
Katia and Kawachi" With human encroachment on natural habitats a constant feature of our modern world, Wild For Life Foundation has oftentimes bween the first and the only place where injured, orphaned and homeless equines could find refuge. Wild For Life Foundation provides rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary services for at risk wild and domestic equines in need. At Wild For Life Foundation these vulnerable victims receive a the urgent and ongoing care they need as based WFLF's standards of equine care and nationally recognized best practices and protocols for equine rescue, sanctuary and rehabilitation. Wild For Life Foundation delivers an important public service by providing a place where orphaned, distressed, injured, or displaced horses and burros get a second chance at life and are able to thrive and live out their lives in peace and safety.

The vast challenges facing America’s animals, wildlife and their natural habitats are immense. Through your generous contribution of time, resources and talent toward WFLF’s continuing lifesaving mission and WFLF's acquisition of land to serve its mission, you will be taking an active role in assuring preservation and the permanent care and safety of these precious resources for generations to come. The Wild For Life Foundation needs and respectfully seeks your support. We can’t do this work without you. You make our healing and lifesaving work possible."

- Katia Louise, Founder, President, Volunteer Executive Director


Katia Louise

Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) began through the vision and hard work of its founder, Katia Louise. WFLF is the outcome of Katia's passionate altruism and decision to pursue her lifelong compassionate commitment to help animals in need.

Katia began what became her life’s work of animal rescue and rehabilitation when she started saving injured and distressed wildlife as a young girl. Katia saw that many wild and domestic animals suffered and died after encounters with humans and that many could be saved and, with help, given a second chance at life or under the right circumstance, many could be saved, rehomed and or returned to the wild. While holding down a full-time job as a youth educator for the school district and in the community college system, Katia began rescuing orphaned and injured wildlife and companion animals. As Katia found with some of the animals, not all could not be released due to the nature of their injuries or other factors, but they could live peaceful healthy lives in a sanctuary setting.

In 2008 Katia first seeded the founding of the Wild for Life Foundation. She is a highly regarded champion for the health and welfare of animals, an inspirational speaker on the topic of animal welfare and equine issue, and she is also the international award winning director and producer of SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED. As a documentarian and academic researcher, Katia has authored many published investigative studies, reports and articles on equine welfare issues. Katia oftentimes works undercover investigating animal cruelty, and to bring justice and exposure to the issues of animal cruelty, with a focus in the U.S. and in California’s as related to equine cruelty, neglect, and the illegal underground slaughter pipeline. Through the investigation of these issues and during the making of her film, Saving America's Horses, she encountered a number of helpless horses trapped in the seedy underground pipeline and on the verge of shipping to slaughter. It was Katia who then said, “Not on my watch!” and she saved them. And that’s how WFLF’s equine rescue program was born. Many of the costs for the animals rescued over the years of WFLF's equine rescue program have been footed by Ms. Louise and her husband. As news spread, donations and grants supporting WFLF's rescue and sanctuary program have grown over the years, enabling WFLF to increase the number of lives saved from a handful each year to hundreds. Under Katia's leadership and with the ever growing and devoted support of WFLF's caring constituents, the Foundation has gone on to save hundreds of horses and burros, and other animals from cruelty and life threatening danger.

We are extremely humbled to serve these animals and grateful for the dedicated and tireless hard work, excellence in professional leadership and the continued assistance and support of the many compassionate and generous individuals, who have helped to make the accomplishments of the Wild For Life Foundation and the success of its mission possible.

In just over nine years, the Wild For Life Foundation has built a solid reputation based on integrity and compassion with its extraordinary work in advocacy and hands-on care for animals in desperate need of help. We are deeply committed to these majestic sentient beings and we are devoted to upholding and carrying out our mission to save, protect, preserve and defend them through education advocacy, rescue and sanctuary.

WFLF's vision for its animal protection program includes establishing a large multi-acre sanctuary, preserve and wellness center to serve animals in need with plenty of open space in which to safely house equines in need of peaceful and permanent sanctuary. Our vision for the future and the new millennium also includes a western regional animal rescue, sanctuary and preserve plan comprised of natural open space habitat preserves and sanctuaries which would help to save more lives and would directly serve in perpetuity for the protection and preservation of threatened and endangered animals in need.

Katia Louise volunteers her time, resources, talents and services to carry out WFLF's important mission. Katia is the screenwriter, director and producer of “Saving America’s Horses: A Nation Betrayed”, which has won multiple international awards including Best Documentary Film in Los Angeles and Best Environmental Film in Canada, and was released to theaters bi-coastally with qualification for the Academy Awards. Katia is also the founder of the Saving America's Horses Initiative, an international consortium of equine veterinarians, equestrian professionals, equine welfare experts, researchers, horse advocates, scientists, film and television artists, and concerned citizens working in concert to promote wild horse preservation initiatives with a focus on the prevention of equine cruelty and ending the slaughter of America's horses. Ms Louise is the recipient of multiple international awards recognizing her work in Advocacy, Conservation, Animal Welfare and Protection. The results of Katia's investigations and academic research, as well as her white papers, articles, documentaries and publications have been featured in international news publications and syndicated news and have raised the bar for animal protection in the U.S. and elevated awareness and compassion globally. Katia continues her life work in animal rescue, academic research, humane education and cruelty investigations for WFLF and she oversees the operations of WFLF’s Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Programs, as well as the strategic plan of the Wild For Life Foundation.

Katia Louise, aka 'Red Horse Spirit Hawk' of the Elk clan, is a proud descendent of the Oglala Lakota Sioux. She is also known as the four-legged entrusted one. (Katia) Red Horse Spirit Hawk walks in the direction of the West as she carries the prayer of our ancestors and Elder Councils with her amazing love for our sacred four-legged relatives. She is said to be their “Angel” mother and daughter of the 4 winds. Contact Red Horse Spirit Hawk











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