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WFLF Rescue and Recovery provide's lifesaving rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary for at risk wild and domestic equines in need. We provide urgent and primary care for incoming wild equines on a national basis. We accept equines of all breeds, ages, genders and disciplines.

These animals come to us traumatized, shattered, desperate and betrayed. With us they find love, safety, compassion, dignity, trust, hope and a new beginning. Our work first centers on restoring these innocent victims to good physical health as we begin the journey of nurturing and renewing their spirits, their hope and their trust in humans.

Rescue and Recovery Mission

Our work first centers on restoring these innocent victims to good physical health as we begin the journey of nurturing and renewing their spirits, their hope and their trust in humans.

Through Wild for Life Foundation's Rescue and Recovery Mission we save and evacuate equines from life threatening and disastrous situations. We also partner with community members and work in conjunction with law enforcement and animal services to facilitate and provide for the rescue and placement of animals in life threatening danger and those seized in animal cruelty cases.

Lifesaving Rescue and recovery Mission

This is the most cost intensive part of our work, and the aspect that often requires fast funding so we can act quickly to provide emergency medical care and rescue services. Through collaboration, legal assistance and negotiation when necessary, we get animals removed from abusive and life threatening situations. Animals rescued from severe abuse and neglect oftentimes have severe health challenges, frequently related to starvation, dehydration, and physical abuse. The first priority is major medical care, medicine as needed and good nutrition.

Chaska enters WFLF Rescue & Recovery Program

In cases of severe trauma, the equine placed in under special care where they receive intensive care and medical treatment, and where these traumatized animals can feel safe while healing. Assessments and adjustments are made continuously (24/7) through this intensive recovery and healing process. After the emergency aspect is resolved animals are transitioned to safe harbor rescue enclosures where they are able to continue their recovery process. This enables us to create room for new emergencies.

Rescue and Recovery

At WFLF the health and overall condition of each rescued wild equine is closely monitored over time to assure that individuals and their family bands heal and adjust as needed.

WFLF also strives to provide open space habitats for wild horse and burro refugees through conservation of precious resources which are maximized to allow for safe harbor housing through construction and maintenance of high quality equine enclosures as needed at WFLF facilities. The upkeep and development of these roaming space, turn outs and multi-acre pasture enable us to provide equines time to exercise and run off excess energies as needed. Communal space provides for nurturing enrichment and allows rescue and sanctuary equines opportunities to interact in social settings with one another, as well as with humans. This is an important part of the process of relieving the trauma - helping abused and fearful equines time to heal and build social instincts, which also enhances opportunities for adoption.

New undeveloped open spaces are sought and utilized to enable enhancement and expansion of WFLF's sanctuary program for the purpose of saving, protecting and preserving these victimized equine refugees. Through ongoing contributions to WFLF, these precious resources enable WFLF to serve the need of America's horses and buuros and to grow our capacity for the purpose of saving more lives. WFLF has indeed provided numerous refugee wild horses and burros with lifesaving rescue, as well as long term placement in open spaces, sanctuary and multiple acre habitats through WFLF's lifesaving sanctuary program.

Rescue and Recovery

WFLF Second Chance - provides lifesaving rescue and sanctuary services for equines who've been impounded at crowded shelters and listed for euthanasia. We provide urgent and primary care and safe placement for desperate equines where they can recover and heal as needed, many of these animals are successfully placed into new loving homes. Unadoptable equines and those found to need safe harbor for longer periods of time are provided safe harbor thorugh our sanctuary program per their individual needs.

Safe Haven Network – is a division of our foster and adoption program which enables the provision of temporary placement for equines who may need short term health and behavior monitoring. Our caring foster care providers also assist in the process of long term placement in new loving homes. Compassionate foster care placement also helps with our Second Chance program to help prevent the killing of healthy adoptable equines in overcrowded county shelters.

WFLF Sanctuary - is a program which provides placement in a safe harbor sanctuary setting for unadoptable equines and those found to need safe harbor for longer periods of time. An equine may be less desirable to adopting families due to age, health challenges, or behavioral issues resulting from past abuse. Wild horses and burros who've been rescued after government capture are also placed into WFLF's sanctuary program.

All equines under the Wild For Life Foundation are assured quality care and protection for the duration of their natural lifespan. We are a no-kill organization and euthanize only in cases of untreatable suffering.

Lifesaving Mission

The WFLF Safe Haven Community Network is comprised of WFLF qualified private equine facilities, caring equestrian centers and compassionate individuals who have joined with WFLF and under its accredited Safe Haven Program in a special partnership to help save more lives. These caring members of the equestrian community, including trainers, groomers and equine handlers are giving back to America's horses through volunteer hands on assistance and support. Our compassionate and generous Safe Haven partners provide in-kind services, goods and temporary housing as needed for WFLF Equine Foster and Adoption Candidates. Through WFLF's Safe Haven Emergency Rescue and Recovery, we serve the community needs of at risk equines both locally and on a national level.


WFLF's Safe Haven Rescue and Recovery Network (SHRRN) is dedicated to providing for the urgent needs of horses and burros found in life threatening situations. Qualified equine specialists and equine welfare organizations are accredited under WFLF's Safe Haven Emergency Rescue and Recovery Program. Membership in the WFLF Safe Haven Rescue and Recovery Program is limited to those whose mission(s), ethics, values and policies allign with those of WFLF and our Saving America's Horses Initiative. WFLF utilizes best practices in screening partner candidates to ensure the utmost of safety for all involved. Safe Haven Partners must also agree to abide by oversight policies and guidelines to assure the highest level of care. WFLF's Safe Haven Program is an important supplemental program that enhances our ability to assure that thall equines coming through our doors will always be cared for humanely, will not be neglected, abandoned or abused, not be sold, or given away, or auctioned, nor utilized for breeding or racing, or rodeo activities, or for commercial exploitation.

Partnership in WFLF's Safe Haven Rescue and Recovery Program is by invitation only. Accredidation under WFLF's Safe Haven Network is a privilege which can be revoked if the partnering organization, facility or individual operators fail to uphold WFLF standards of care policies, foster/ adoption requirements, and or best practices.


Protecting and preserving America's Mustangs


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Wild For Life Foundation's services and objectives are made possible through donations to our lifesaving mission. For Wild For Life Foundation, the ability to respond quickly to animal emergencies and provide lifesaving care and feed to animals is crucial to saving more lives. Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate our resources most efficiently and where the needs are greatest.




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These horses and burros are roundup and slaughter survivors, rescued by WFLF from across the country, each with their own special story.

Rescue and recovery Mission

WFLF is an all volunteer charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving America's wild and domestic horses and burros and we depend 100% on tax deductible donations from caring community members like you to carry out our lifesaving mission.

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BOD Staff Member Review:

Katia Louise - A rare spirit driven by passion and heart . With laser focus and resolute purpose she stepped up to the plate and never looked back, exposing the plight of wild and domestic horses on their way to slaughter in the shocking expose Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed. Through her efforts horses and burrors on the brink of death through slaughter, starvation or abandonment; downtrodden, sick, disabled and dejected they are brought into safe haven. Katia and the Wild for Life Foundation rescues these at risk, disabled and special needs horses and burros who rehabilitate and live out their lives in peace, health, harmony and safety. Katia is known for her lifesaving work in the non-profit community and has cooperated with numerous rescue groups nationwide. Horses have shaped mankind's history and it is our duty to preserve and protect their rights as the magnificent and sentient creatures they are. And to that Katia Louise rises to the challenge of this most sacred moral responsibility as her life’s mission. With guts and grace. - JayBee (greatnonprofits.org)

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Above: Preciosa, a Mustang foal was born within weeks of her mother narrowly escaping slaughter. Wild For Life Foundation saved her mother and Preciosa, and her entire herd family.

Wild horse emergency rescue 2014


Red Horse Spirit hawk and maorningstar Glow


The Wild For Life Foundation is a Certified, Trusted, Fully Vetted, Top Rated and Awarded Charity by the Nation's leading nonprofit and animal rescue watchdogs.


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