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The Village at Saving America's Horses

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Helping to save America's horses and keep them safe just got easier! Now you can 'Join the Village of Saving America's Horses', and be part of the lifesaving team that makes a difference in the lives of countless starved, abused, distressed and homeless horses.

Join us in our goal to Rally 3,000 supporters who will join or donate just $5 today. Your caring voice make a difference when you share a link to our website with your friends. And, thanks to people like YOU - our village of compassionate supporters, the Wild For Life Foundation is able to save and protect 100's of horses each year. Horses that without your continued support, would have nowhere else to go.

Complimentary VIP Access

For a limited time only - Join the $5 a month club at the Saving America's Horses Village and get Complimentary VIP Access to SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES (the movie) featurette On-Demand at Vimeo. Simply click give to Join, then receive your complimentary VIP Access code by email.

When you Join the Village at Saving America’s Horses as a dedicated $5 a month Club Member, you'll not only be helping to save more lives, but you will also be helping to protect them and assure their well being and safe harbor. Plus - with your Complimentary VIP Access to the Saving America's Horses (movie) Featurette, you will have access to the most powerful facts and inspirational information available to help effect positive change for threatened horses and burros.

Please help by telling your friends and family about this important mission! We are looking to rally at least 3,000 supporters who will become $5 a month Club Members. Your monthly gift of just $5 will help to cover the most urgent and essential rescue and sanctuary costs. This is life support and these vital funds are urgently needed to feed and care for dire need horses and burros rescued from life threatening situations.

The number of animals coming into the Wild For Life Foundation Equine Rescue and Protection program has grown exponentially since we first began in 2008, from rescuing and caring for just a few animals annually to an average of hundred a year. Many of the incoming companion horses are re-homed into loving adoptive families. And, for those who are unadoptable, these majestic icons live in peace and health under WFLF’s Sanctuary program.

And for all of these deserving animals, their happy ending began the day they became WFLF rescues. But we couldn’t do this lifesaving work without the support of our compassionate donors!

The Village at Saving America’s Horses is a mission under the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity which provides urgent care, rehabilitation, safe housing and sanctuary to animals who have been victims of the cruel horse slaughter trade, abuse, starvation or brutal government roundups. America's imperiled horses need this help now more than ever.

Please help make a difference in the life of a homeless horse or burro in need today. Join the Saving America’s Horses Village and help save, protect and inspire. Together, we are their voice, and they need to be heard.

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Join the $5 a month club at Saving America’s Horses Village and help us bring lifesaving aid to dire need horses and burros today

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And as an added token of our appreciation - receive a complimentary download the Saving America’s Horses Village placard, when you join.

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Wild For Life Foundation is U.S. registered 501 (c)(3), all volunteer, nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving wild and domestic equines through rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and education.


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