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The Saving America’s Horses Initiativeis an international consortium of scientists, equine welfare experts, researchers, and horse advocates working together to promote wild horse conservation and preservation initiatives with a focus on the prevention of equine cruelty. The Saving America's Horses Initiative supports comprehensive and science based solution oriented models that lead to systemic change, reduce suffering, and cultivate a more compassionate society. Its wild horse preservation component serves as an educational platform for the protection of wildlife through the provision of long term sanctuary of wild horses and burros removed from America's rangelands.

WFLF promotes the preservation of natural ecosystems, wildlife and the prevention of cruelty to equines, and opposes practices that threaten the environment, wildlife and that cause suffering to animals. We believe that all equines deserve to be protected from abuse, cruelty and a gruesome end. The Saving America’s Horses Initiative through its infrastructure and educational multimedia resources provides a lingering impact on society toward breaking the cycle of animal cruelty for America’s horses by cultivating action and inspiring social change.

Wild for Life Foundation extends an open invitation to the equine community/ industry at large to take part in the Saving America’s Horses Initiative as we strive to nurture, preserve and promote a compassionate human-equine bond through natural partnerships between people and horses. From equine rescue, sanctuary and wild horse preservation, to therapeutic activities, equine assisted behavioral health services, the arts and sciences and a variety of equine learning programs the opportunities are endless for individuals, students, organizations and philanthropic business programs to engage in community service projects that respect humane values and elevate conscience, inspire compassion, promote the natural healing power of horses and reduce the suffering of at risk equines.

Thoroughbred Industry Endorsements:

“SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES – A Nation Betrayed” is a must see film for anyone who cares about a horse.

I have been involved with horses and also in the thoroughbred racing industry nearly all my life. I have likewise been involved with several organizations that provide homes for thoroughbreds after the end of their racing careers. Yet this film was a sobering wake up call to the need for all horsemen and horsewomen to do more to ensure that our beloved horses are protected.

I now understand the economic and political landscape that has prevented a Federal Anti-slaughter bills from being passed through the legislature. We can "take care of our own" without any need at all for slaughter in the United States or elsewhere.

- Bing Bush Jr., Equine Attorney

"SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is so important to shed light on the reality of what is happening to our horses everyday in this country. My hope is that every horse lover will come away with a whole new understanding of why we have to protect these magnificent animals after seeing the film" says Nick Zito, Hall of Fame Thoroughbred racehorse trainer.

HorseracingThe Saving America’s Horses Initiative supports the auditable aftercare program for rehabilitation, retraining and adoption for horses whose racing careers have ended. We encourage all racing jurisdictions and the industry to assist in generating funds supporting the transition of horses from racing into healthy second careers. To ensure the safety and welfare for equines we extend an open request to the leaders and influential members of the equine industry to resolve to a vigorous showing of support for the prevention of equine slaughter.

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SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED is an educational documentary project under Wild for Life Foundation, a nonprofit all volunteer grassroots charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equines.




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Open Invitation to Equine Professionals and the Equine Business Community

Wild for Life Foundation extends an open invitation to the leaders of the equine business community to join the Saving America’s Horses Initiative for the protection of all equines - to restore justce and integrity for America's horses. As professionals and leaders in the equine industry, you can help champion the way by actively taking an anti-slaughter position and supporting the legislative bills that protect America’s horses from slaughter.

Recent efforts to improve equine welfare from various camps, together with growing awareness of the need for corporate social responsibility, illustrate the convergence of good timing toward meaningful changes.


"I urge the leaders in the Thoroughbred industry to set an example for the rest of the industry to actively get behind SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES, the movie, and support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act." — Bing Bush Jr., equine attorney

"We strongly support all legislative initiatives which will bring horse slaughter to a swift end." — Staci and Arthur Hancock, Thoroughbred owners and breeders, Stone Farm, Paris, KY

“As more race tracks scramble to implement programs to protect thoroughbreds at the end of their careers, it is important to remember that this same horrible fate is imposed on many that never have a racing career.” — Shelley Abrams, Racehorse Owner, Co Founder Americans Against Horse Slaughter.

"As a veterinarian, I believe that it is my responsibility to treat all of my patients in a humane manner. Looking at the condition of slaughter-bound horses, I could never explain to a client or to a child what is humane about their transport, and I would certainly never recommend this avenue of disposing of a horse to a client." — Dr. Nena J. Winand, DVM, PhD

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BEST IN FESTIVAL: Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival
BEST ENVIRONMENTAL FILM: FILM NORTH Huntsville International Film Festival, Canada
ACCOLADE MERIT AWARD: Advocacy, Visuals, and Investigative Journalism

"Masterfully presented!" – Larry Lindner, New York Times
“Fantastic! Powerful and compelling” — Greg MacGillivary, MacGillivary Freeman Films (IMAX)

"This exposé has everything it takes to educate, engage and empower the public to effect social change." - Peter Max

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