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By the Wild For Life Foundation

The WFLF WILD MUSTANG RESCUE MISSION was established by the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) early in 2014, as a grassroots rescue and recovery mission to rescue and save the lives of approximately one hundred and fifty wild horses that had unfortunately lost their pasture lease and sadly the entire herd of imperiled Mustangs found themselves stranded in deserted feed lots without access to water or hay. Without the resources to house, feed and care for them, they were on the verge of losing lives to unspeakable slaughter.

At Risk Mustangs

History of WFLF Monero-Mustang Rescue Mission:
In early 2014 the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) received a desperate plea of "life and death urgency" from the founder of "Monero" Mustangs for emergency rescue assistance. Sadly the entire herd of Mustangs found themselves stranded in a deserted feedlot where there was no running water and no access to hay. After confirming reports that badly emaciated and injured Mustangs were trapped in a feedlot, about to be shipped for slaughter and without access to water or hay the Wild For Life Foundation rescued these animals.

The WFLF Monero-Mustang Rescue Mission (WFLF MMRM) was launched by the WildRescued Mustang Intake For Life Foundation as crisis intervention to save these innocent animals' lives and a means for providing emergency aid and helping to facilitate the urgent need for their relocation and placement into new forever homes.

WFLF provided emergency financial aid directly toward the care, feeding, transport and placement of these imperiled Mustangs.WFLF additionally facilitated the placement of the majority of these animals into new 3rd third party homes.

CincoApproximately 100 imperiled Mustangs were successfully placed into to new homes in several other states, but there were no other takers for the last of the herd including poor little Cinco, his mother and several other mares and new born foals. These were the most serverely emaciated victims, the injued, the most wild, untouchable and the least adoptable Mustangs. A written surrender and urgent plea by the previous owner to the Wild For Life Foundation documents the legal conveyance by Monero and WFLF's acceptance of approximately 48 horses, plus three pregnant mares.

WFLF has covered all the expenses for these 51 dire need horses and including the three new foals who were born under late that summer under WFLF.

WFLF Rescue Mustangs


In June of 2015 WFLF transferred approximately thirty three of these Mustangs for residency placement into a 3rd party sanctuary in Northern California. This event officially concluded this rescue mission.

WFLF continued to provide ongoing care and custody for the last 15 survivors whom have at all times remained under the legal ownership and title of WFLF since first accepted by WFLF, and these Mustangs have thrived under WFLF's program – with thanks to your caring and compassionate support.

The Wild For Life Foundation steps up in troubled times on behalf of the equine community with compassion, benevolence and good will through all its animal rescue missions. As a leader in the equine welfare and nonprofit animal rescue industry for nearly 10 years, we pride ourselves on our reputation and long-standing relationships with fellow equine professionals, rescue groups and supporters.

Wild For Life Foundation, a nonprofit, animal protection and rescue organization with a powerful educational platform, successful rescue missions, outreach programs and initiatives have saved and protected hundreds of at risk American horses and burros from starvation, abuse, neglect, abandonment, roundups and slaughter, including Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed, the renowned Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission, Hope for Horses, Tees for Horses, WFLF's Mustang Rescue Missions, and the international Saving America's Horses Coalition.

WFLF has a proud history of solid governance, best practices and compassion, and our organization will do everything in our power to ensure that America’s horses and burros are safe, secure and supported. It takes honesty, integrity, devotion and many years of sacrifice, tireless work, responsible program management to build public support for lifesaving animal rescue and sanctuary programs - that's how we eventually were able to carry out this and other equine rescue missions of this magnitude.

We can only imagine how someone might feel when faced with the reality of nearly losing all their horses to slaughter. Certain persons have attempted to erase and rewrite the true facts and history associated with this nationally recognized WFLF wild horse rescue and sanctuary project and what they are doing is contrary to the safety, wellbeing and future of the very animals that WFLF serves to protect. We are fighting to end these and other malicious acts of harm against innocent animals, and our mission to save and protect them.


July 20, 2016, Wild For Life Foundation Successfully Saved the lives of approx 150 former Monero mustang victims from gruesome slaughter

July 27, 2015, Mission accomplished with integrity and honor; WFLF’s Wild Horse Rescue and Recovery Program – A Historic Living Legacy

November 19, 2014, TRUE COWBOY MAGAZINE, The full story about the Wild for Life Foundation and The Monero Mustangs

November 3, 2014, Success! The last of imperiled Monero Mustangs safely arrive to California!

October 8, 2014, GREEN VALLEY NEWS, Rescue Group Helps Save Horses

September 15, 2014, A New Beginning for some of America's Historic Imperiled Wild Horses

September 12, 2014, Wild For Life Foundation welcomes hsitoric Mustangs to its Southern California Safe Haven Sanctuary facility.

August 18, 2014, Wild For Life Foundation welcomes 15 Mustangs to its Southern California Safe Haven Sanctuary facility.

July 29, 2014, Wild For Life Foundation welcomes 7 Mustang mares and their foals (14) more horses to its Safe Haven program through Equine Voice, AZ.

The Wild For Life Foundation relies on continued support for its wild horse rescue and sanctuary programs. We can’t do this work without you. You make our healing and lifesaving work possible. WFLF relies 100% on tax deductable donations to pay for these costs.

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The images of equines depicted in promotional efforts to support WFLF lifesaving missions are of horses whom WFLF aided, saved, rescued, cared and or provided for and or legally owned at the time in which the photographs were taken. WFLF owns the copyrights and all use rights for all images captured of WFLF equines while located at WFLF facilities, and or of equines served by WFLF during the process of a WFLF rescue mission. WFLF is additionally greatful to supporting independent photographers who have granted permission for the use of images taken preior to a WFLF Rescue efforts for the purpose of documenting and supporting our lifesaving missions.

The images displayed by WFLF of these and other equines are a testament to the profound success of WFLF's monumental rescue missions which are supported by the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society and countless other caring and compassionate humanitarians. Documentation and promotion of equines served through WFLF's lifesaving work is essential to carrying out our mission to save, protect and preserve wild and domestic equines in need.

wild horse rescue and sanctuary

Mustangs saved by the Wild For Life Foundation

Note: Photographs watermarked with the WILD FOR LIFE FOUNDATION name are federally protected under copyright law. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Prince Antonio

(Above: a young colt we named Prince. He was the first born colt at our sanctuary from this rescue mission- his mother was pregnant at the time of her rescue and she gave birth to him within weeks of her arrival to our facilities. She would have likely miscarried while in route to Mexico for slaughter, but through this rescue mission we were able to save them both)

Prince Photo credit and copyrights: Wild For Life Foundation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

(Above: a Mustang stallion named Katzman. Katzman was one of the 150+ wild Mustangs we saved through this mission. We provided emergency evacuation for Katzman together with fifty one members of his herd who we accepted into our rescue and protection program under the Wild For Life Foundation umbrella. Through this program we additionally provided for his veterinary medical expenses, his farrier care, his feed, supplements and his housing expenses.)

Katzman Photo credit and copyrights: Wild For Life Foundation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

WFLF Rescued Mustangs

(Above, Lenuba and Mariposa. A mother/ daughter pair - they were among the first fifteen wild Mustang mares from this rescue mission, whom WFLF accepted into its rescue and protection program. This picture was taken by WFLF at one of WFLF's sanctuary facilties where these Mustang's every need was provided for by the Wild For Life Foundation.)

Lenuba and Mariposa Photo credit and copyrights: Wild For Life Foundation, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Sandi Claypool and Katia Louise circa Nov 1, 2014

Above: Sandi Claypool and Katia Louise at WFLF's Mustang Rescue and Recovery Center, Temecula, California, Nov 1, 2014.

In a public statement their previous owner, said, “We hit rock bottom and there was no hope in site. If it wasn’t for Katia and the Wild for Life Foundation, our entire herd would have been brutally butchered alive for their meat.”


November 3, 2014, Success! The last of imperiled Monero Mustangs safely arrive to California! (full story)


WFLF's livesaving mission would not be possible without the continued kind and generous support of compassionate caring people supporting our work.

The costs to maintain and care for rescued equines, including the provision of quality food, veterinary medical care, farrier, transport and housing are only met 100% by tax deductible donations.

Your donations make our lifesaving mission possible. Please give to help secure ongoing quality care and peaceful safe harbor for the rescued horses served under the WFLF program.



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NOTICE: The Wild For Life Foundation has issued a warning for persons who repeat, publish or disseminate false, malicious and defamatory allegations which may be particularly liable for legal consequences for slander and libel. It is important to note that even partial truths and inferences are basis for defamation or libel actions.


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