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Lifesaving Mission

Wild For Life Foundation Land Trust

The Wild For Life Foundation Land Trust seeks and accepts lands, and conservation easements on lands, that provide value to wild equines and other forms of wildlife. We seek to establish places of safe haven and humane stewardship for all wildlife. These natural open spaces provide community enrichment and help to foster the compassion toward nature.WFLF’s Land Trust also provides a platform for educational programming for the conservation and protection of wildlife through the provision of preserves for wild horses and burros who have been captured from the wild.

With your support, we will seek diverse parcels of habitat to be protected as sanctuary preserves. Each protected parcel will offer opportunities for conservation values on behalf of wild horses and multiple species of wildlife.

Parcels of 50 acres or more provide more value to the respective wildlife population as otherwise costs associated with establishing and maintaining a permanent sanctuary on a smaller site can be prohibitive.

The Wild For Life Foundation Land Trust celebrates, protects and preserves wild animals and the environment by creating permanent sanctuaries, preserving and enhancing natural habitat. We hope that we can count on you and the commitment we share to providing real gains for America's wild equines and the important role they play with other wildlife and the environment.

Open space lands rich in valuable wildlife habitats are rapidly disappearing to multiple land exploitation. Refusing to sell to those who would destroy the land is a temporary defense against destructive changes to the wildlife it harbors. The WFLF promotes the conservation and preservation of America's wild equines, an indigenous species to the continent of North America. The WFLF promotes the preservation permanent protection of both land and wildlife. WFLF urges the permanent protection of both land and wildlife through collaborating with the Wild For Life Foundation Land Trust. All WFLF partnerships are rooted in our commitment to providing wildlife with safe places to live in perpetuity.


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Business Supporters and Corporate Sponsors:
If you would like to explore ways your company could support the Wild For Life Foundation as a Land Trustee , please contact Corporate Giving via email atemail us , or reach us by phone at (310) 439-9817


Donations to the Wild for Life Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Federal ID No. 26-3052458

Make a lifesaving donation in any amount

Give Horses Hope


Filmmaker, Katia Louise

"The vast challenges facing America’s wild and domestic equines and their natural habitats are immense. Through your generous contribution of time, resources and talent toward WFLF’s continuing lifesaving mission you will be taking an active role in assuring the preservation and protection for America's horses and burros for generations to come. The Wild For Life Foundation needs and respectfully seeks your support. We can’t do this work without you. You make our healing and lifesaving work possible." - Katia Louise, Founder

- Katia Louise, Director - SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED, Founder, President, Volunteer Executive Director - WILD FOR LIFE FOUNDATION


Lifesaving Mission


Lifesaving Mission


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