Wild Capture Awareness



Consciousness for Animals and Reverence for all Sentient Beings




Wild Capture Awareness Campaign


The Wild Capture Awareness Campaign is a collaborative effort with an independent mission and set of objectives. Its strength comes from the expertise, compassion and standing of its members who have come together for the purpose of cutting down and eventually stopping the trade of exotic wild animals as pets in the US.

The campaign's general scope supports the preservation of endangered wildlife and the species that are impacted through the wild capture process. The project has been initiated with a focus on raising support for Thriller and Sabu, two tigers previously under the care of Michael Jackon's Neverland facilities and are now under the care of The Roar Foundation.

Through the process of raising awareness for the needs of exotic animals, supporters will be encouraged to make tax deductable donations to the institutions that take in and care for animals once held as exotic pets. Eventually a trust will be established for the purpose of providing funds to facilitate the adoption, transport and ongoing care of former exotic pets destined to qualified facilities.

The exclusive approach of this special effort lies within the campaign's philosophy which will focus on cultivating strong public awareness and compassion with a unique look at the human - animal bond. By focusing on the exotic wildlife pet trade the campaign seeks to cultivate and inspire Jackson fans and followers to pay homage to Michael's love for animals through heightened awareness and respect for wildlife.

Co-Founder, Katia Louise of WFLF states, "Through these collaborative efforts we not only intend to fight extinction through reducing the trade of exotic pets, but we expect to dispel the negativity associated with Michael Jackson's past ownership of exotics and bridge the gap between animal activists and Michael Jackson's legacy. This is a positive movement which we hope will blossom into a new level of consciousness for animals and reverence for all sentient beings."


Katia Louise

Laura Allen


Advisory Board:

Tippi Hedren

Dr. Joyce Poole

Adam Roberts

Nancy Stanley







Wild Capture Awareness


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Music by Maria Daines

Michael Jackson and Thriller

Michael Jackson was not only loved by the people of the World for his incomparable talent, he was loved by the magnificent Wild Animals for which he provided the most beautiful home at the Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, California.

Michael always said he trusted children and animals because they told him the truth. - Tippi Hedren



The mission of the Wild Capture Awareness campaign is to cut down and eventually stop the trade of exotic wild animals as pets in the US.


(1) Raise awareness and support for the ongoing needs of certain wild animals considered to be exotic pets and or previously under the care of Michael Jackon's Neverland facilities

(2) Raise awareness for endangered wildlife through a focused look at the gruesome trade of exotic pets in the US

(3) Develop and provide educational resources to the public as to why people should not own exotics/ wild animals

(4) Provide resources like existing laws and regulations on owning exotics as pets

(5) Model laws for banning pet ownership of exotics/ wild animals

(6) Highlight qualified shelters, facilities and sanctuaries trying to help these animals

(7) Work with federal and state authorities on regulations and enforcement issues

(8) Develop and provide educational resources to the public about the wildlife trade as related to wild capture




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