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2015 YTD: January - December 2015

Equine Program YTD Summary:

As of January 2015, the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) managed approximately 90 equines under its animal rescue and sanctuary program. WFLF paid for the care and housing of the majority of these equines (both wild and domestic horses and burros) Some the expenses for the equines residing off site were paid for through foster care and sponsorships.

WFLF operated a total of four equine rescue and recovery facilities in Southern California where we housed and cared for a total of approximately 80 wild and domestic horses and burros through the latter part of June 2015. In mid to late June WFLF transferred approximately 33 Mustangs for residency to a partnering sanctuary in Northern California and through special support of WFLF's equine program we were able to consolidate operations to an alternate equine property where WFLF's rescue and sanctuary residents were eventually moved. The combination of continued growth in support for WFLF's equine programs, the consolidation of resources to that location and the transfer of 33 horses to a 3rd party sanctuary enabled WFLF to sustain its growth in capacity which opened the door for several new dire need equines who were accepted over the following months.

Throughout the year 2015, hay and feed remained the highest expense under WFLF’s equine rescue and sanctuary program. WFLF’s year end total costs paid for for hay, feed, supplements and related medical supplies exceeded $74,250.00. To learn more about WFLF's overall impact and accomplishments during year 2015 please visit our Impact page >>

YTD Total number of Rescue & Sanctuary Animals (Residents)
Species Jan 1, 2015 April 30, 2015 Dec 31, 2015
Equines 81 80 69
Bunnies 1 4 3
Canines 3 5 3
Goats 2 3 5
Chickens 3 3 3
YTD Total number of Rescue & Sanctuary Animals (foster residents, sponsorships & temporary placements)
Species Jan 1, 2015 April 30, 2015 Dec 31, 2015
Equines 8 8 8
Bunnies 0 0 0
Canines 0 1 2
Goats 0 0 0
Chickens 0 0 0
YTD Total number of Animals placed, transferred (safe haven transfers & adoptions)
Species Jan 1, 2015 April 30, 2015 Dec 31, 2015
Equines 0 0 33
Bunnies 0 2 0
Canines 0 1 2
Goats 0 0 0
Chickens 0 0 0
YTD Total number of animals humanely euthanized ( WFLF Euthanasia Policy >>)
Species Jan 1, 2015 April 30, 2015 Dec 31, 2015
Equines 0 1 2
Bunnies 0 1 0
Canines 0 0 0
Goats 0 0 0
Chickens 0 0 0
YTD Total number of Rescue & Sanctuary Animals (Under WFLF’s Program)
Species Jan 1, 2015 April 30, 2015 Dec 31, 2015
Equines 90 89 69
Bunnies 1 6 32
Canines 3 5 3
Goats 2 2 2
Chickens 3 3 3



Approximately 98% of the funds received and spent by WFLF in 2014 went directly to costs for charitable programming. (Roughly 45% paid for hay, feed and medical supplies for victimized animals directly served and aided by WFLF, 30% paid for shelter, rents, equipment, repairs and utility expenses related to the provision of housing and safe harbor of rescue animals served through WFLF, 15% paid for transport expenses to evacuate imperiled equines to safety, 6% paid for medical and health care expenses, 2% paid for outreach and education expenses to raise awareness and compassion for the protection of equines from roundups, slaughter and other forms of cruelty and 2% paid for administrative costs including licensing, compliance and general fundraising expenses.

Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is a federally registered grassroots all volunteer nonprofit charity established for the prevention of cruelty to animals with a focus on animal welfare and the protection of wildlife. Among our greatest concerns are imperiled wild horses and burros, abused, neglected and slaughter bound wild and domestic equines, and inadequate standards of protection for America’s equine population as a whole. We vigorously work to save, protect and preserve abused, neglected, displaced and slaughter bound wild and domestic equines, and educate to raise compassion and improve the standards of protection for America’s equine populations.

WFLF works in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and provides emergency and transitional shelter housing and primary care for abused, neglected, injured and homeless animals in need. The WFLF promotes the protection and preservation of wild horses and burros on their Native lands together with the preservation of natural ecosystems and wildlife. The WFLF is achieving these goals through operating lifesaving animal rescue, sanctuary, rehabilitation, preservation, educational, advocacy and protection programs that foster symbiotic environmental stewardship and healing partnerships between people and animals.

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Now in our 10th year, the Wild for Life Foundation has a well established track record of compliance with Celebrating Compassionall relevant laws and regulations. Our Board of Directors consists of 100% volunteers who contribute their time, money and resources to benefit the Mission of the Wild for Life Foundation. WFLF is committed to being in compliance with all operational policies, as well as relevant State and Federal laws and regulations in order to protect its mission, its beneficiaries, it assets and to honor donor/ grantor intent.

The WFLF considers program measurement a proud companion to the transparency that continues to earn our non-profit foundation the prestigious Platinum GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Seal of Transparency year after year. Fully Vetted by GlobalGiving's rigorous due diligence process since 2012 , GlobalGiving has ranked Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) at the highest level.

The Wild For Life Foundation is a Certified, Trusted, Fully Vetted, Top Rated and Awarded Charity by the Nation's leading nonprofit and animal rescue watchdogs.


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